The blueprint for this work is nature - its shapes and rhythms, its fluid and lyric dynamism - expressing itself in different and powerful ways with infinite possibilities. This ethos was magnified in the fantastic exuberance and spontaneity that surrounded me in Brazil, a place of hyperbole, whether by way of nature or culture.
The other key principle of the journey is a deep commitment to the integrity of creating something that is really unique, with a strong identity. The result is a collection that envelops a distinct sense of exclusivity and refinement.
The vast majority of the pieces are one of a kind. Every piece is carefully handmade from start to finish with meticulous dedication. The quality of the gems, the choice of colors, the tremendous attention to detail is visible in all steps of the process. The goal is to narrate a story that is alluring and vibrant with a genuine search for expressing the immense poetry and happiness found in nature.

Have fun.


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